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Mobile/Onsite Drug Testing


Eye Level Background Screening Inc. provides mobile/on-site DOT and Non-Dot collection services for companies needing employee drug tests performed on-site.
This helps eliminate the need for employees to leave the worksite and go to a testing center which may result in longer than normal ‘down time’.


With our in-house Mobile/On-Site collectors, we believe Mobile/On-Site drug testing are typically most cost-effective for:

  • Random Testing

  • New Hire

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Post-Accident Testing

All our collectors are certified for urine drug testing collections. Mobile/On-Site drug testing can also include rapid drug screens, where the results are available on-site. However, if a rapid screen has a non-negative result the specimen will be sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for confirmation testing.


When providing Mobile/On-Site drug testing for DOT employees, our certified collectors follow the DOT regulations and will provide all required documentation (Federal COC forms).


The fees for Mobile/On-Site drug testing can vary depending on the number of employees being tested, on-site location address and the time in which the on-site testing is needed.

We serve NWA, River Valley, SW Missouri and Oklahoma.

You’re paying employees to work; shouldn’t they be working?


  • When employees leave the workplace for a drug test off-site, you lose a valuable employee.


  • With average travel times of one hour round-trip, wait times of  twenty minutes and collection times of ten minutes, the average time-cost of a drug test is ninety minutes. 


  • Eye Level Background Screening’s certified technicians come to your business, completing collections in as little as fifteen minutes per collection.

  • Eye Level Background Screening’s compliant Mobile Service collection unit is available to conduct on-site collections when necessary.


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