Tara Hammarstrom, President/CEO


Tara Hammarstrom has serviced the background screening industry since 2005. She started as an independent contractor, traveling to multiple courthouses gathering information for clients nationwide. She loved it so much that she furthered her education in 2012 in private investigation. After graduating and teaming up with other investigators for experience, she then decided to purchase her own background screening company.

Eye Level Background Screening was purchased by Tara Hammarstrom in July of 2013. Eye Level Background Screening is a nationwide company, and Tara enjoys traveling to expose her business.

The business has taken on many companies, such as, staffing agencies, apartment complexes, medical offices, landlords, corporate offices to name a few.

"I love what I do. I have a passion for my business and it shows to my clients. My goal is to make our workplaces and our neighborhoods a safer place to live. I can't stress enough what a simple background check can do for an employer, landlord, parents, homeowner, etc."

Your Best Defense is Knowing the Truth!

Our computerized search packages are customized by industry and further refined to meet your needs. They are fast, accurate, discreet, and cost-effective, with access to billions of records through hundreds of thousands of databases in 50 states and 200 countries. They can even be performed by you or your representative on our state-of-the-art web search interface, saving you time when you need the facts fast.


While there are very real benefits to background screening involving personal safety and company reputation, the truth is a business owner likes to know that the expense of background checks pays off in dollars and cents. Our experience has shown us that the return on investment for the screening process is huge. In fact, you can weigh the cost of screening a new employee against every single potential downside expense and realize a profit in the balance.



Knowing the truth before an employee becomes a problem can save you from:

  • Lost productivity

  • Damaged reputation

  • Material theft

  • Criminal operations

  • Liability costs

  • Training losses



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